Graeme Smith

👋 I’m Graeme!


I’m a User Experience Designer from New York, NY. I’ve created work for Google, Ford, and Kitewheel. My skills include UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Leadership + more. Currently I am working with Samsung to research and develop concepts for an enhanced smartphone communication experience as part of a collaborative project.



Flyer is a new way to share, organize, and give within your local community. It’s a convenient platform for you to make a positive and tangible impact on the world around you in a streamlined way that is personalized to your life.

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Google Maps


SCAD collaborated with Google to research and develop concepts for a Geo/Maps mobile experience for the YUU (young urban user, age 13-24) demographic.

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As the world urbanizes, sprout seeks to build communities, shape healthy lifestyles, and provide a sustainable source of food for millions around the globe.

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Despite an eagerness to be independent in their work many on demand workers feel anxiety about their personal future, and wish they could have more control over their own lives.

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Backdrop is a reinvention of the iTunes streaming experience. Backdrop opens viewers up to a previously unseen level of depth and immersion in popular television and movies.

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Other Work


Here’s some of the previous work that I’ve done, including some side projects! Just a heads up - there aren’t case studies for all of these!

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SCAD is collaborating with Samsung to research and develop concepts for an enhancedsmartphone communication experience; combining technology development and the corevalue of the smartphone.

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Find activities around a city, and people to enjoy them with.

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SCAD is collaborating with Ford Motor Company to research and develop multiple digitalassistant use case concepts for driven and driverless vehicles including owned, shared,commercial vehicles, and mobility services.